Newsletter (वृत्तपत्र)

नेब्रास्का मराठी मंडळ

is excited to present this first issue of the quarterly newsletter to you all. This is an effort of the Mandal to keep its members informed about upcoming activities, any new developments within the member community and lots of other things. It will also reflect on the past events and its success. As you might know, NMM was established with the aim to bring together individuals and family who share the Marathi culture. From its beginning the Mandal has made significant strides in bonding the members in its community. Its ever growing members list and increasing attendance at every event is a validation of the efforts that the Mandal committees/volunteers have put forth. NMM has been able to generate tremendous enthusiasm within the Maharashtrian community in Nebraska. We are seeing new faces at every event and growing list of member volunteers. Kudos to existing members for making every event a success and also keeping up the communication.